“Harris Associates proved to be a prime asset in taking this work forward…”

Having recently enfranchised our block we commissioned an assessment of our building. [On the advice of our Property Managers] we appointed Harris Associates to undertake this assessment and to construct a refurbishment programme based on their assessment. We were so impressed by the quality of this work we then appointed HA to Project Manage a £500k contract for external repairs and decoration.

HA proved to be a prime asset in taking this work forward, attending the initial Residents meeting, chairing monthly progress meetings and responding to the questions of Directors, Owners and Residents. Their representative guided us through the complexities of the process, acting as a buffer between all parties and the Directors.

The Directors were particularly helped by the guidance of HA when we needed to make decisions for the block to respond to the needs of the residents. The final outcome has received such universal praise that we have appointed Harris Associates to Project Manage our upcoming contract for internal repairs & decorations.

David Chapman – Chair Directors, 36 Buckingham Gate Ltd