Handover & Transition Services

Some of our clients consider this phase of any development as the most important as it is during this stage [the transition from development to occupation and asset management] that the focus can dip.  The development and construction teams will understandably be focussed on completion and it is therefore inherently vital that the asset management team including Harris Associates are on top of their game.

The handover and transition services broadly include the following:

  • Full liaison with developer / construction team ahead of practical completion
  • Receipt, checking & collation of all handover information including contractual parties contact details, warranties, guarantees, O&M information & as-built drawings
  • Cross checking that all statutory approvals are in place
  • Oversee completion of systems training and finalisation of manuals / guidance and maintenance procedures / protocols including scaffold / access requirements, planned maintenance frequency, refuse management, means of escape, emergency procedures etc
  • Finalising of the planned maintenance plan and expenditure forecast
  • Preparation of Tenant User Guide
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