Licences for Alteration

We provide advice and guidance to freehold and management companies, primarily in connection with residential mansion blocks, where lessees wish to carry out alterations to their flat or apartment that require a formal licence for alteration.

Our involvement differs from client to client but typically includes the following:

  • Initial review of tenant alterations
  • Liaising with tenant / tenant’s team to advise and agree “technical aspects”
  • Coordinate appointment of landlord specialists (if required)
  • Advise on Licence terms, including technical aspects, requirements for damage deposit, Schedule(s) of Condition, etc.
  • Carry out Schedules of Condition
  • Ensure that all documentation is in place ahead of works commencement
  • Ensure tenant has satisfied the requirements of the licence
  • Carry out third party checks such as reviewing contractors insurances
  • Where required, monitor and inspect the works regularly
  • Sign off works on completion
  • Sign off and check Schedules of Condition
  • Ensure all documentation is in place and that works have been carried out in accordance with the Licence to Alter

Shaun Harris, is also engaged by clients to compile and draft leaseholder guidance relating to tenants’ proposals for carrying out alterations. This service often involves re-writing existing guidance and modernising the documentation to incorporate up to date best practice, regulatory and legislative stipulations.

For further details please contact Shaun Harris ( or Mazhar Farid (

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