Surveying Surgery Service – Triple S

The Triple S dovetails with a property managers monthly surgery / inspection.  It provides leaseholders, RTM’s, landlords and property managers with a regular site based on-tap surveying resource.

This service is available free of charge on blocks where Harris Associates are already involved and which have 15 units or more.  One of our surveyors accompanies the property manager on the relevant day that the property manager conducts his / her monthly surgery.  The aim of the Triple S is to provide initial up front advice and / or answer questions.

The idea behind the Triple S is to be able to offer some initial advice free of charge which may negate the need for further professional input and time charges.  This may involve inspecting flats where lessees have a concern or potential defect or it may include a simple walk around with the property manager identifying problems or defects with the main building(s) and providing initial advice on what to do first.

In essence the Harris Associates Triple S is a sort of triage or front line posting point where we can provide initial assessments and advice.

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