Transition Services

Our transition service will be of interest to developers, freehold management companies and residential property managers.  This bespoke service provides a smooth transition from development stage through to investment and the property management function.

Amongst other things this service saves money, identifies potential shortcomings, provides a focus on planning for the future and ensures an effective handover of information at the conclusion of the development phase.

We have set out below the three stages of our transition stage:

Service Stage 1

  1. Terms & Conditions – formal service agreement
  2.  Start Harris Transition Manual (this is the start of the road map for the property)
  3. Design Review Stage

Service Stage 2

  1. On-going monitoring during development (to include build quality & design decisions)
  2. Harris Transition Manual updated throughout process

Service Stage 3

  1. Collation of key details and information from design team / developer
  2. Planned Maintenance Programme
  3. Harris Transition Manual becomes the Property Management Manual

The Manual will include the following:

  • Full Key Parties contact list
  • Warranties inc. Design & NHBC / Zurich
  • Statutory Approvals
  • Basic Plans
  • Full Drawing Reference Document & separate copies of the drawings
  • O&M Manual / Guidance
  • PMP including cost forecast
  • Maintenance & Procedures Guidance – i.e. scaffold / access / timescales / maintenance frequency / refuse management / means of escape
  • Input of info or cross reference to management company services / guidelines
  • Licence To Alter & Landlord & Tenant Guidance

Service Stage 4

9.  Retained as development consultant working with appointed managing agent

For more details please contact Shaun Harris (

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