Building Surveys

Building Surveys are undertaken for a variety of reasons and is a core service that we provide. The need for a Building Survey can be to ascertain the overall condition of a property prior to purchase, through to investigating causes of a particular defect.

Prior to purchasing the freehold or long leasehold or it may be a short or medium term lease investment. Irrespective of the nature of the investment an assessment of risk is of paramount importance and usually this type of survey would also include the identification of defects & remedial works, advice on any proposals / planned alterations and advice in connection with on-going maintenance liabilities.

We apply a flexible approach to accommodate our clients parameters and ensure we fully meet their brief, thus providing our clients with the information they require. We have specialist equipment to allow us to undertake non intrusive inspections of a building allowing us to diagnose a potential defect without too much disruption to those living within the property.

A selection of typical surveys we carry out are:

  • Defects Analyses
  • Full Building Surveys
  • Intrusive Investigations
  • Pre-Acquisition Surveys
  • Schedules of Condition

Our selected relevant experience includes:

The View – Full Building Survey

Providing the client with a full building survey that not only provided comment on the condition of the premises but also a review of their lease providing them with information likely to affect the lessee.

Romney House – Defect Analysis

Detecting the cause of water penetration within the basement of the flat and providing a comprehensive approach to the issue. Undertaking dye tests and CCTV inspections enabled us to narrow down then pinpoint the cause and specify a scheme of appropriate and necessary remedial works.