Defect Analysis

Our services in respect of this area of our business range from identification of a building defect, through to its remedy which will often require the preparation of schedules of repairs and overseeing the implementation of the works to completion.

Identification of various defects range from damp / water ingress, condensation, leaking roofs, timber decay and rot, insect infestation, crack diagnosis, structural movement, deleterious materials, concrete / masonry defects to name but a few.

We will undertake all investigation and exploratory work and will provide advice on options for repairs and costs.

Where deemed necessary we arrange for other consultants to provide specialist advice, for example structural engineers or mechanical and electrical engineers to assist in our investigations. We also select suitable and approved contractors to co-ordinate the works to completion.

We have a wide range of equipment to utilise where necessary from damp meters to assess the level of water content within a substrate to borescopes to look into hard to access areas.

Dry Rot was identified within a basement flat and after investigations were carried out it was evident that a Thames water pipe was leaking causing the damage within the flat. Thames water were notified who stopped the water penetration which subsequently aloud us to carry out the damp proofing and rot treatment works, using specialist contractors within the flat.