Development Monitoring

Acting on behalf of funders, investors and other project stakeholders, we provide independent advice and report on all aspects of construction projects including technical, financial, statutory, programming and legal issues.

Our main purpose is one of due diligence, ensuring our clients are not exposed to undue risk as their project develops.
Key benefits of our Development Monitoring services include:

  • Identification of key risk factors to improve risk management
  • Enhanced due diligence
  • Improved financial & cashflow management
  • Accurate programme monitoring and planning
  • Quality management and appraisals with strict formal reporting
  • Increased protection of clients interests
  • Expert technical advice to assist with decision making
  • Early warning of potential forthcoming issues and solution recommendations
  • Provide client training and/or seminars if required
  • Technical guidance on statutory and compliance

We understand that every project is unique, therefore we tailor our monitoring services to suit each client and their project whether it be major development or minor work. This provides peace of mind and helps our clients understand associated risks and opportunities to assist with making fully informed decisions.

Having managed a vast amount of construction projects, we are highly experienced in identifying potential key issues that may occur in developments and we work proactively and collaboratively with clients and project stakeholders to ensure objectives are achieved successfully.

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