Sustainability / Apps Service

Innovation & Materials

As surveyors working within the built environment we ensure that we are capable of advising customers and colleagues on the latest innovations and material developments. Modern materials are often stronger, lighter, are more durable and offer better functionality. Traditional material and technical solutions are being challenged particularly in the context of insulation, fire resistance, energy efficiency and technology conductive end products such as electro-charged glass. Our Prop Tech commitment at Harris Associates ensures that we have the knowledge and skills to offer a flexible and independent assessment of what’s best for our clients (and buildings!).

Energy Effeciency & Sourcing

We work alongside many mechanical and electrical engineering consultancy firms, very often with regard to the updating or renewal of existing services installations. Our role as surveyors is often to project manage large schemes and so our knowledge of the latest advancements is an absolute must. We combine our own skills with those of other experts to advise our customers on both energy efficiency and energy sourcing options and opportunities.
This includes advice on methods of heat recovery, insulation options and heat loss solutions, advice on the use of the latest energy insulating glass, roof insulation products and retro-applications through to assessing renewable energy options, sources of energy and how users of energy can transform to become suppliers.

We have experience of developing energy strategies for the most challenging of portfolios and in particular the private residential mansion block sector.

Home Technology

Home technology encompasses Entertainment, Security and Communication & Infrastructure. Where possible we always advise that these three areas of home technology should be considered and developed in sync rather than as independent packages. We tend to work with our customers and develop a package that works on an individual level rather than push the latest and most advanced offerings from the market.

Whether we are working to improve security via entry control and remote connectivity or advising on fibre optic systems, audio visual, SkyQ, wireless options or entertainment systems we always aim to integrate technology sensitively and seamlessly. We work with engineering experts and suppliers who share the same approach to customer focus.

App Based Technology

The use of apps to “enrich” our lives is not a new concept. As part of our Prop Tech service provision we charge ourselves with keeping up to date with the latest developments and market product provision. As with much of technology the trick is using the tech to help not hinder. Over the coming years the app based tech scene will change and will centre round the requirements of “control” and “data”. Controlling the use of our environment and the systems and appliances within it and using the data feedback will lead to a much greater efficiency of time, energy and cost.