Blistering Start To 2020 Hit By Capital C but Service Expansion Continues Unabated

Blistering Start To 2020 Hit By Capital C but Service Expansion Continues Unabated

To say that the first three months of 2020 got off to a cracking start would be a serious understatement.  New business figures and general activity have been outstanding. However, as at the time of publishing this news update the UK is officially in lock down.  All our surveyors and support staff are working remotely and except for the reduction in site inspections and the like, we have a healthy work load to see us through this current crisis.

Response  Assessment  Compliance

And on much more positive notes, we can advise that in the first three months of 2020 we have developed and expanded our professional service offering by creating a set of services colloquially referred to as our “RAC” services.  Response  Assessment  Compliance.  The team led by Shaun Harris seeks to offer specific and expert advice and guidance to clients in relation to complex and complicated compliance issues.

We have also updated our website to include the RAC services plus our Façade Services.  These are led by Shaun Harris and David Royal.  Our services that we have built up over many years and more recently throughout the last 18 months include dealing with insurance claims, rapid response and emergency works through to statute interpretation, EWS1, risk mitigation and the project management of complex remediation projects.  For more information contact Shaun Harris.

With the intention of government to see through on their promises of funding ACM ad non-ACM cladding remediation and to push for the progression of the remediation works execution, even during the lock down period Harris Associates remains very busy dealing with fund applications, technical and procurement matters plus the facilitation of EWS1 completion, façade assessments and the follow-up advice.  “With the announcements made by the chancellor in March, the additional funding that has been promised and the requirement to assist the residential market in the context of EWS1, façade and fire risk assessments and works plans, we remain active and as committed as ever to this sector, even during the lock down period”.  – Shaun Harris

We can also advise that all surveyors at Harris Associates are undertaking additional fire risk assessment training during the lock down period.  Harris is a member of the Fire Protection Association and we are using the time away from the office wisely and productively by boosting our skills in this area.

And finally, the only thing to add is to Stay Safe, Stay Special.

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