EWS1 & Façade Assessments

As a result of changes in fire safety legislation, building insurance and mortgage lending requirements, EWS1 forms are now required for many residential apartment buildings, including some that are under the 18 metre tall building threshold.

Ever since the EWS1 process was introduced Harris Associates have steered hundreds of clients and thousands of third parties through the EWS1 assessment process. To enable an EWS1 form to be issued, a detailed in-depth specialist assessment of the external wall system(s) of the building first needs to be undertaken and the findings reviewed holistically. The investigations must be thorough and comprehensive and will require a degree of intrusive opening up.

The purpose of the intrusive site investigations is to identify the compositions of the materials used in the construction of the external wall systems. The EWS1 process also requires an assessment of any attachments such as balconies.

The Fire Engineer then uses these findings to assess the risk of external fire spread and considers the overall situation against advice issued by MHCLG including the Consolidated Advice Note issued in January 2020 and the Supplementary Note issued in November 2020.  An EWS1 form / certificate is then issued.

Our services include:

  • Co-ordinating and undertaking intrusive site investigations
  • Coordinating contractors and specialist access equipment
  • Coordinating inspection by a fire engineer
  • Quality checking the fire engineering output including façade assessment and EWS1
  • Preparing Executive Summary to support findings and setting out a road map of next steps

 Our associated services include:

  • Assisting clients with MHCLG BSF fund applications and appeals
  • In-depth reporting and assessment to determine compliance with Building Regulations
  • Procurement & project management of remediation schemes

If these services are of interest please contact Shaun Harris, David Royal or Tamer Duman.

Please use the link below to find project examples:
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