Independent Remediation Inspection Services

Our Independent Remediation Inspection services have been created to provide a level of scrutiny, on-site evidencing and record keeping, that can be relied upon by all parties.

Although, the full impact of the Building Safety Bill has yet to manifest itself, the requirements and ethos behind the Bill, particularly in the context of the Golden Thread and the requirement to evidence quality and as-built construction, is right here, right now.

This is of particular importance in the context of the vast array of façade remediation projects that are either already on-site or are in the post-tender / pre-construction stages. We have direct and extensive experience of running major façade remediation contracts and we are patently aware of the challenges of ensuring consistency of quality.

Our in-house façade and construction team provide the on-site scrutineering and evidencing for all of the cladding and façade remediation projects that we are managing. The same team is also available to provide third party independent inspection services for contracts where we are not directly or contractually engaged.

This service will be of interest to project funders, main contractors, freeholders, leaseholders and project managers. Typically our Independent Remediation services comprise of the following:

  • Provision of technical oversight and detailed quality assurance inspections
  • Cross checking works on-site with contractual construction and design intent
  • Cross checking works on-site comply with regulatory standards
  • Cross checking that products and installations are carried out in line with testing criteria & manufacturers guidelines
  • Provision of regular reporting
  • Provision of notes and photographic evidence of each inspection and site visit
  • Frequency of site visits usually between once a week to once a month

In an ever changing landscape the requirement for the construction industry to step up and meet the challenges post-Grenfell, particularly when it comes to construction quality and ensuring fire safety and construction standards, has never been more important. If these services or a version of them are of interest please contact Shaun Harris, David Royal or Tamer Duman.

Please use the link below to find project examples:
Façade Services