Published: 30/06/2016

June has of course been witness to the extraordinary events surrounding the EU vote and the decision for the UK to leave the European Union.  The England football team kindly entered into the spirit of things and were duly knocked out of the Euros by Iceland. 

 However, here at Harris Associates it has been an exciting month for reasons closer to home.  We have in the last few days of June launched our brand new service the Triple S.  We are constantly setting ourselves the challenge of trying to innovate and improve our services and the Triple S is our latest offering to our clients and property management peers and colleagues. 

 The Triple S is intended to dovetail with a property managers monthly surgery / inspection.  It will provide leaseholders, RTM’s, landlords and property managers with a regular site based on-tap surveying resource.  A surveyor will accompany the property manager on the relevant day that the property manager conducts his / her monthly surgery.  The aim of the Triple S is to provide initial up front advice and / or answer questions. 

 The idea is to be able to offer some initial advice free of charge which may negate the need for further professional input and time charges.  This may involve inspecting flats where lessees have a concern or potential defect or it may include a simple walk around with the property manager identifying problems or defects with the main building(s) and providing initial advice on what to do first. 

 In essence the Harris Associates Triple S is a sort of triage or front line posting point where we can provide initial assessments and advice.