Published: 01/08/2016

Well if June was exciting because of the launch of our new service, the “Triple S”, then July was all about the overwhelming and positive response to the “Triple S” from existing and new clients alike.  Shaun Harris has been invited to no less than 11 presentations in July alone to talk about our new service and to explain just how beneficial it will be to all parties. Click here to see a short video on Triple S.


“No doubt about it, the response has been great.  We did expect a pretty good response, particularly from our property management colleagues with whom we are already heavily involved.  But what has been a little surprising and very heartening is the response, feedback and engagement from property managers and clients with whom we do not work a lot with.  Simple, effective, innovative and very positive and I am happy to say very unique to Harris Associates.”

 July also saw Harris Associates shortlisted for the Property Management Surveyor of the Year as part of the Property Week Management All Stars 2016.  

 And finally Mazhar Farid has this month published a Guide to the use of lime in the renovation of historic buildings. This will be useful for surveyors and indeed property managers, particularly those who are responsible for organising the repair and redecoration of period mansion blocks.  The Guide is a practical and easy to understand document full of facts and useful information, with a case study thrown in for good measure.