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Published: 04/10/2016

Apart from an absolutely fabulous Olympics and Paralympics amid the usual holiday season August and September have been extraordinarily busy.  A number of major works schemes commenced in August including one in St James  where we needed to create a temporary reception facility before the main strip out and one in Chelsea where a careful strike and shift strategy has been employed.  Our latest interior design offering Mood Board is underway and all eyes are on a pre-Christmas completion – watch this space.

Our website had an upgrade during September including a dedicated link to our  Videos and  Publications and a new section on PRS / Build To Rent . Our latest publications include an “Introduction to UK PRS & Build To Rent” and “4 Phase Supply – Build To Rent Services” with the latter setting out how we are able to provide a range of services to the Build To Rent market.

And finally, September saw the Harris Associates Rounders Team lock horns with Burlington Estates on the unforgiving battlefield of Boozy Rounders.  Out-numbered but not outplayed Harris Associates finished the Competition as outright winners (3-0).  Following this marathon sporting event all participants retired with no dignity whatsoever to a nearby public house for a few lemonades and a couple of fruit juices.  A great afternoon and evening – looking forward to the re-match in 2017.