Published: 14/07/2017

10 Year Celebration Evening

Thank you to all who attended our 10 year celebration evening at the All Stars bowling venue in Bloomsbury Square.  Clients, property managers, consultants and contractors across the field joined the Harris team for a brilliant evening of fun including ten pin bowling, darts and mercifully a minimum of karaoke.  “It was fabulous to see so many of those who have played an important role in our success over the last 10 years.  I am very much looking forward to developing the company further and building on what we have in place now in 2017.  Role on the next 10 years!”  Shaun Harris

In other news we have been shortlisted for the Property Management Team of The Year at the 2017 Property Week Management All Stars.  The competition looks very tough this year judging by the other entrants!


July also saw Harris Associates receive two key commercial  instructions, the first is an appointment to advise a Government Department on their future dilapidations liabilities across their portfolio and the second is an appointment by a National Trade Organisation for Harris to advise on their maintenance and dilapidations liabilities over the next 25 years.  “A couple of great instruction and further evidence that our move to Mid-Town is opening up opportunities in the commercial and office sectors as well as positioning us geographically in a sweet spot to service our residential clients across London”.  Matthew Aldridge

And finally Paul Stratful has produced this months’ article which touches on the perils of wet and dry rot and includes a summary of what actions need to be undertaken to remedy any such outbreaks.