Published: 26/09/2017

August through to September has been a very busy time despite holidays and the changeable British weather.

Our commercial arm is seeing a continued upturn in new business instructions, particularly for our dilapidations and neighbourly matters services, further evidence that our mid-town location is attracting commercial occupiers and portfolio freeholders from the more recognised corporate marketplace.

On the residential side we have won some super instructions recently and have also won the first couple of instructions from Places For People.  “Having a client like Places for People is brilliant for our business.  With their wide array of services and diversity of interests, we are able to offer the fullest of our own services – we are looking forward to developing the relationship over the coming years.”  Shaun Harris

The most notable of new instructions over the last 8 weeks or so include: 

The Tapestry, The Lexington, Old Court House, Southwold and Cleveland

Since Grenfell there has rather understandably been a lot of activity and “double checking” carried out by RTM’s, directorates, property managers and other property professionals active in the residential sector.  This is no more prevalent than in connection with fire safety, fire integrity and assessment of building envelopes.  We have been engaged by a number of our property management colleagues to assess and inspect cladding systems, including testing and in a few cases we have started the process of evaluating remedial packages of work and overseeing design improvements.  We have developed our own bespoke services in connection with cladding inspections – if these services are of interest please contact Liam Horton or Shaun Harris.

Finally, our latest publication covers the inevitable rise of green roofs.