Published: 30/10/2018

Here at Harris Associates, we are always trying to find ways to improve our services. We look to break the mould, push the boundaries and all those other buzzwords you hear around the industry. The difference when we say it is that we really do.

We were privileged to be silver sponsors for the ARMA Annual Conference earlier in October and spent a great deal of time making new contacts and catching up with existing colleagues. We spoke about ways and means that the industry is changing and can continue to change over the next five to ten years. It was a really valuable time for our team to get out of the office and get among the people who make our industry tick.

One  thing that came out from a number of our conversations during the ARMA Annual Conference is the issue of Licences to Alter, and whether or not it is entirely necessary or indeed appropriate to have an official Surveyors’ Report. We don’t think so. Our approach is more dynamic, relevant and better for Landlords and Tenants alike.

In fact we wanted to address the issue directly and have published a document which puts across our opinion in more detail. You can find the document on our website.

We would be very interested in hearing your opinions so if you would like to speak to a member of the team about anything you have read, please get in touch by calling 0203 195 0851 or contact us via our website. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

photo credit: yuttana Contributor Studio