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Published: 01/06/2020

Since our last update in March 2020 we have of course all shared with the World the challenges of home working and lockdown. As we draft this update there are already signs of an easing of the restrictions and although this will be welcomed by one and all, we are still some distance away from pre-covid normality. From the Harris Associates perspective and although building site activity has been reduced and a couple of projects postponed, the advice and consultancy side of our business has kept us all very busy. Furthermore, our RAC and Façade services have seen exceptional growth over the last couple of months and our services have been honed and improved to the satisfaction of a growing client base.

In the last couple of days we have emailed existing and prospective clients two brief marketing publications which summarise our Façade and RAC services.

We have worked really hard since the turn of the year to develop and perfect the service provision, particularly in the context of EWS1 and façade assessments and the formula we have in place, now offers focused expertise, cost savings, transparency and real value for money. Shaun Harris

In the last few days and as we went to print, the government has published the Building Safety Fund Registration Prospectus (for non-acm cladding systems) and other supporting technical advice. We continue to advise existing and new clients who are facing the challenges of remediation. This includes assisting with acm and non-acm funding applications and no doubt between now and the end of July there will be a sharp uptick in interest from those property owners who might be eligible for funding relief.

On related façade matters, in the last month we have secured instructions on two large remediation projects, where we will provide the project management and technical oversight and leadership. Both projects have required a high degree of forensic diligent investigation including the tracking down of historic data and product identification. For both projects, funding applications beckon as we move towards detailed design and tendering.

Amongst the doom and gloom I have to say that the team at Harris Associates have excelled during lockdown. We have had quizzes, weekly company meetings, regular team meetings and a raft of CPD sessions, extra on-line training and webinar action.” All this extra remote / on-line activity has not detracted from our continued service delivery which has included site based inspections and essential work, as well as remote based consultancy.

“So in summary, we have been fortunate to continue to be busy and industrious and as we (hope) move out of the worse of the pandemic I am genuinely excited about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  Shaun Harris