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Published: 10/08/2020

In the last couple of days of August, we completed our one-hundredth EWS1 and Façade Assessment instruction and on the full remediation project management side of our business, we are now engaged in ten major schemes.  Drawing together a host of experts from designers and fire engineers, structural engineers, and approved inspectors (and more!) we are now providing project leadership on some significant remediation projects, primarily in London and the southeast.  We are however now active throughout the UK with advisory and project coordination roles in Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham.

Our experience on ACM Remediation projects has naturally stood us in good stead for the myriad of non-ACM projects that are now being progressed.  We are working with some of the best brains in the business and although the timescales that we are all being asked to work to (in the context of the Building Safety Fund) are challenging, to put it mildly, we are nonetheless confident of hitting the deadlines for all our clients.  An article by Shaun Harris also featured in the 31st July edition of Property Week – read the full article here.

Reaching 100 EWS1’s was a great milestone to achieve. Our service offering in this sub-sector of our business has grown exponentially throughout 2020 as has our own in-house expertise. We are now regularly involved in discussion groups with MHCLG and their cohort of advisers and we are looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  Shaun Harris

In other news, we have taken on three new chartered building surveyors and we are now (almost) back to normal working conditions in the office whilst all of our live sites are back up and running. Planning for the 2021 major works projects has also ticked up nicely as has the flat refurbishment sector with many residents and leaseholders now taking the plunge and committing to the COVID-19 postponed projects.