Remediation Superheroes - Gove’s DLUHC Recognises Criticality of Construction Oversight Role

Published: 22/11/2022

As part of the latest review of procurement and related matters, the Department of Levelling Up, Housing & Communities has recognised the importance of those professionals whose raison d'être is all about the detail!  Detail, detail, a bit more detail, tonnes of accuracy, and an overriding mission to ensure that the reality of construction matches the theory, the drawings, specifications, and manufacturers' requirements.

Throw into the mix, the skills required to understand the application of the standards and regulations and the knowledge of the systems, materials, and component parts, and you have what I would refer to as individuals that are fulfilling the number one role in ensuring that government-funded remediation projects are being executed to the highest standard.

On 17th November 2022, DLUHC confirmed that applicants wishing to apply for funding from the Building Safety Fund (and we assume the anticipated Mid Rise Remediation Scheme), would be required to “have a clerk of works, who is independent of the Design Team, appointed on the project to oversee all works”. 

The role that DLUHC has referred to is of course a clerk of works.  For the uninitiated, a clerk of works can be described as being “a person whose duty it is to superintend the construction and maintenance of buildings or other works for the purpose of ensuring proper use of labour and materials.”  In reference to cladding and façade remediation, this role is central to ensuring regulatory compliance, the accuracy of installation, and consistency of high-quality workmanship.  

Our clerk of works and construction oversight professionals provide independent on-site scrutineering and evidencing for a myriad of construction projects and are particularly skilled and experienced in façade remediation, refurbishment, and new-build cladding projects.  They are to my mind the unsung technical superheroes who are at the forefront of ensuring that taxpayer’s money is being spent wisely!

Fortunately, at Harris Associates, we are blessed with said technical and remediation superheroes whose range of services includes the following: 

  • Provision of Technical Oversight and detailed Quality Assurance Inspections
  • Cross-checking works on-site with contractual construction and design intent
  • Verifying works on-site comply with regulatory standards
  • Validating that products and installations are carried out in line with testing criteria & manufacturers' guidelines
  • Ensuring effective delivery and storage of materials and systems on site
  • Provision of regular reporting
  • Supplying notes and photographic evidence of each inspection and site visit
  • Delivery of technical & Golden Thread handover packs


Harris Associates are experts in the field of façade remediation with experienced and qualified technicians, surveyors, engineers, and project managers.  We have national coverage (England and Wales) and we can help with all aspects of façade remediation from FRAEWs through to the coordination and delivery of complex façade remediation contracts.

For more information on our superheroes services, assistance, or advice on these latest developments or any related fire safety or regulatory matter please contact Shaun Harris, Tamer Duman, or Richard Stone at or  or  call 0203 195 0857 or 0161 615 3679.


Article by Shaun Harris, MD