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Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 are now in force in England

Published: 23/01/2023

From today, Monday 23rd January, new legislation states that building owners or responsible persons (RP's) for multi-occupied residential buildings must take additional steps when managing fire safety within their buildings.

These new regulations are a major step towards implementing the recommendations from the Grenfell Tower Inquiry - Phase 1 report and include a number of risk-mitigating fire safety measures designed to keep the public safe.


What has changed?

This legislation applies to all residential buildings made up of two or more domestic premises, including mixed-use buildings. The specific actions responsible persons need to take depend on the building height they are responsible for.

In high-rise residential buildings, responsible persons will be required to:

  • Provide their local fire and rescue service with up-to-date electronic building plans and information on the design and materials of their external wall
  • Provide residents with relevant fire safety instructions and information on fire doors.
  • Undertake monthly checks of firefighting lifts, evacuation lifts and other key pieces of firefighting equipment
  • Install and maintain a secure information box detailing this specific fire safety information and wayfinding signage

In mid-rise residential buildings (over 11 metres), responsible persons will be required to undertake annual checks of flat entrance doors and quarterly checks of all fire doors in the common parts.


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