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The Cladding Safety Scheme (CSS) formerly the Mid Rise Scheme (MRS) is now open!

Published: 25/07/2023

The long-awaited Mid-Rise Scheme (MRS) which is now referred to as the Cladding Safety Scheme (CSS) began accepting applications for funding for the remediation of unsafe cladding. This government fund is intended for those blocks of flats that require remediation and are within 11 to 18 metres high, and where no other form of funding is available (freeholder, owner, landlord or original developer).

Medium rise residential building

Who can apply?

Applications can only be made by the person responsible for the external repair of the building. This is likely to be the freeholder, local authority or Right to Manage company or a Property Managing Agent.


The grant is only suitable for buildings that:

  • Are over 11 metres and less than 18 metres high (medium-rise buildings)
  • Must be residential, with at least one flat with a lease over 21 years where the leaseholder is responsible for the external repair
  • Have unsafe cladding on an external wall


To apply for funding, you will need to:

  • Prove the building is eligible for remediation works through a Fire Risk Assessment of External Walls (FRAEW) completed to PAS 9980:2022 standards through the Homes England accredited panel
  • Register a new building application
  • Provide details on the Responsible Entity for remediation work

Apply Here


Once Approved

If your funding application is approved, before you can receive a medium-rise remediation grant, you must:

  • Compile a work package, providing full contractor scheduling and cost details for the remediation works
  • Have any required statutory consent for the works
  • Demonstrate value for money in the works package by providing multiple quotes or through a tender process


Once your grant is approved and works begin, you will be required to provide regular updates as a condition of receiving funding, and leaseholders must be kept fully informed.

Harris Associates are on the Homes England Cladding Safety Scheme (was Mid Rise Scheme) Fire Risk Assessor Panel.  The carrying out of a FRAEW is the first key requirement to achieve access to the scheme.  We already carry out FRAEW and other related intrusive investigations on residential and mixed-use properties across the UK so are well-equipped to assist with all of the aspects needed to receive funding.  Being on the panel further demonstrates our expertise, experience, and commitment to this critical and highly important area of work.


Harris Associates can offer a bespoke solution to enable you to comply with the latest legislation. We are experts in statutory compliance and fire safety-related matters with experienced and qualified technicians, surveyors, engineers, and project managers.  We have national coverage and can help with all aspects of façade remediation from FRAEWs through to the coordination and delivery of complex façade remediation contracts.


For more information on our services, assistance, or advice on these latest developments or any related fire safety or regulatory matter please contact Shaun Harris, Tamer Duman, or Richard Stone via phone or email at, or  call 0203 195 0857, 0161 615 3679 or 0121 213 6307.