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However, our pre-acquisition services extend beyond Building Surveys.

Examples Of Our Comprehensive Advice

  • Working with client legal professionals to assess ownership and/or landlord and tenant risks and liabilities.
  • Detailed reviews of previous statutory consents and cross-checking accuracy on-site.
  • Assessment of statutory non-compliances in respect of owner and/or occupier liabilities.
  • Assessment of potential neighbourly and/or district-wide risks in the context of known developments and/or uses of other buildings.
  • Identification of likely/known statute changes that might affect ownership and/or use of the property.
  • Full building survey of the property to include services and infrastructure review and the identification of forecast expenditure for major maintenance work (fabric and services installations), dilapidation repairs/renewal and major upgrades.
  • Identification of whole life costing for the building, to include services installations.
  • Assessment of design life and/or component life expectancy.  
  • Advice relating to the client's intended use and/or development of the property.