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The construction industry, professional services sector and the property management sector are at the centre of sweeping changes to how buildings are designed, specified, built and managed. In the residential sector, treating residents and homeowners as key stakeholders and active contributors is a move towards inclusion, experience and customer focus.

In all sectors, the move to reduce carbon footprints, the requirement to promote and adopt cleaner energy, embrace sustainable methods of construction and focus on whole life costing will transform the UK beyond recognition.


The areas of compliance can be complex, layered and interlinked and will often require multiple areas of expertise. The most recent statutory developments that have most affected the built environment include the Fire Safety Act 2021 and the anticipated  Building Safety Bill, expected during 2022.

Prior to this in 2018 the government brought in an amendment to the Building Regulations, with the primary requirement to prohibit the use of combustible cladding in high rise residential multi-occupancy buildings. 

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Further amendments to the Building Regulations are also expected in 2022, which will include five new approved documents.

We have experienced in house expertise, supplemented by expert partners in the field of fire safety, face engineering ad building regulations compliance.

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