Initial cost appraisals are often prepared without the project design and only once the initial cost appraisal is completed, will a client decide the scope of costs that are to be monitored by the cost consultant.  Initial cost plans can also consist of a study of the options that the design team is collating, often as part of the study of options prepared during the feasibility study stage.  These services are closely linked with our due diligence feasibility work and are often provided as part of our over-arching project management/lead consultant services.

Elemental cost plans are prepared during the project brief stage and carried through to detailed design. During the conclusion of the detailed design stage, we are able to prepare an approximate quantities cost plan from the end of detailed design through to tender stage.

Our in-depth knowledge of market conditions, cost information, build comparables, and construction techniques allow us to manage build costs as well as advise on the financial viability of a project.  We use a variety of software packages including our own bespoke benchmarking system allowing us to prepare reliable and accurate cost assessments even at an early stage and then continuing throughout the life of the project.