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Typically, other than in the case of low-risk, traditional masonry construction, the information that should be provided will comprise the following:

  •  An overview of the design of the external wall

  •  Brief information on the materials of construction, insulation, and any cladding

  •  Any known defects in the construction (either as originally built or currently)

  •  The level of risk presented by the external walls, cladding and any attachments (as           determined, where necessary, by an appraisal carried out by specialists)

  •  Any mitigating steps that have been taken in relation to the risk as identified in the fire   risk assessment

Other than in blocks of flats with external walls of traditional masonry construction, unless the design and materials information is readily available and known to be reasonably accurate, determining the information required by the Fire Safety (England) Regulations will normally require special skills, not normally held by a typical fire risk assessor. 

Our in-house Compliance and Façade Consultancy teams have the breadth of experience, skills, and qualifications to carry out these assessments and to subsequently prepare detailed and compliant reporting output.  For more information about our Design & Materials Assessment services and our other related services including FRAEW (PAS 9980) and Safety Case Reports (as required under the Building Safety Act 2022, please contact Shaun Harris or Tamer Duman.