What Our Clients Want

Our clients typically want assurances on three related yet different aspects.

  1. Assurance is sought on the resilience of a development or building either in construction or at the pre-construction stage, in the context of EWS issues that might arise if potential future conversion or redevelopment (to a different use class) is being considered.
  2. Assessment of the resilience of a development or building as an investment where a sleeping risk might exist if that investment were offered to the market and funders required an EWS assessment.
  3. Assessment of a development or building and provision of EWS advice regarding potential risks relating to the insurance market and future building insurance policies / requirements.

Due to the differing and very particular nuances of each development and client, our services are provided on a case-by-case basis and created to meet the precise needs of each situation. Usually, the scope of service is based upon an adaptation of the following:

Stage 1: Desktop Review of Construction Details

  • Receive & review the design intent / for construction drawings
  • Receive & review supporting specification & product information

Stage 2: Site Inspection & Evidencing

  • Site inspection to verify and evidence compliance with design/construction intent
  • Preparation of Compliance Report (in context of Building Regulations & MHCLG / DLUHC Advice)

Stage 3: On-Going Site Inspections

  • Inspections & reporting to evidence compliance (frequency matches construction progress)
  • This supports the final façade assessment/reporting and provision of an EWS1

Stage 4: Façade Assessment & EWS1

  • Execute final inspection
  • Prepare façade assessment and reporting output
  • Provide EWS1 certification