Harris Approach

Our approach to LTA’s is that we prefer to take the lead and simplify the LTA process for all stakeholders: Freeholder/Landlord/Managing Agent, Lessee and professional teams. We usually prepare a Schedule of Landlord’s Requirements, which sets out all relevant requirements relating to the approved works, providing a reference point for both the Landlord and Lessee. The document is then appended to the formal Licence document. However, we always remain flexible and ensure that any output is proportional and progressive.


Licence To Alter (LTA) Guidance

We often develop bespoke LTA guidance documentation for our clients which outlines a clear set of procedures that the Lessee is required to follow. This includes advice on prohibited works, sets out the minimum requirements of the Lessee and ties in the guidance and regulations for a particular building to the leases. Such guidance documentation is usually reviewed periodically to ensure that the procedures are current and up to date.



Our involvement varies between clients and each instruction differs; however, our role typically comprises a combination of the following:

Early engagement, communication, advice and co-ordination

Review of legal documentation; Leases and previous Licences to Alter

Review of Lessee alteration proposals

Review of Lessee/Contractor specifications and drawing information

Review of the draft Licence and provision of advice on: technical, statutory, damage deposits and Schedule(s) of Condition, etc.

Monitoring and inspecting the works at regular intervals

Signing off and checking schedules of condition on completion of the works

Review of final documentation and certification and providing the Landlord’s final sign-off Certification