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Issues with RAAC concrete

RAAC is now estimated to have a lifespan of only about 30 years.  In response to several serious failures, the DfE has opened a survey to assess how many buildings are affected, with those responsible for school estates required to identify the presence of RAAC on their premises.  The aim of the DfE survey is to amass data so a strategy can be formulated to manage and mitigate the associated risks of RAAC. There are also some commercial buildings which may have RAAC and Harris Associates can help identify if there is a reason for concern.


Do you have RAAC in your buildings? 

We understand the difficulties of managing multiple assets and have the knowledge and expertise to help you identify RAAC. Our experienced chartered building surveyors will survey buildings to establish whether RAAC is present.   If RAAC is present, we can provide a technical report and recommendations for the next steps. This may include surveying the RAAC planks to identify any structural issues which a Structural Engineer would then use as part of a remedial works proposal. This proposal could include short and long-term remediation strategies to help ensure your buildings remain structurally safe.


For more information please contact Shaun Harris or Richard Stone.