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Due to the nature of these works they can be inherently challenging, technically complex and ultimately relatively costly. Different facades with different cladding systems require wholly individual approaches to remediation and are affected by a myriad of factors. These include the form of main structure, shape and size of building, insulation type, nature of façade materials, fire and smoke reduction measures, combustibility ratings, window and balcony detailing, location of adjoining buildings and other factors such as location of car parks, ignition sources and internal compartmentation and fire safety policies.

Our experience tells us that a holistic and pragmatic approach is required when dealing with façade remediation projects. This extends from ensuring that the pre-design / assessment processes are robust and technically proficient, to making sure that the application of statutory considerations has been coherent and transparent through to facilitating as broad an option appraisal as possible before agreeing on a final solution. 

The process of mitigation measures assessment is critical as this can often result in alternative solutions being considered or a phased approach to eventual compliance. The overall aim is of course to deliver these complex projects on programme and within budget and to ensure that the façade systems are safe, fit for purpose and compliant.

Harris Associates' scope of service includes complete project leadership under the auspices of project manager and lead consultant and extends to cost consultancy and robust and detailed site evidencing and monitoring services.