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The ethos behind our retained surveying services is simple; to provide on-tap chartered building surveying expertise in a structured and accessible format that suits the client’s needs and operational functions.  The types of services that we offer include the following:

  • Remote and on-site technical support.

  • Provision of joined-up thinking across all building, maintenance and infrastructure aspects.

  • Collaboration with key stakeholders and assisting with prioritising actions and works.

  • Provision of ongoing fire safety advice and other areas of statutory oversight including actions and responsibilities under the Building Safety Act and other key legislation.

  • Coordination of other specialists and service providers.

  • Planned maintenance programming including advice on major projects, services and infrastructure, structure and building fabric matters plus sustainability, future-proofing and expenditure forecasting.

  • Provision of ongoing technical and related building surveying advice such as defects diagnosis small works and remedial works coordination.


  • Overseeing minor and major works/capital expenditure projects.

  • Acting as landlord’s surveyor in the context of leaseholder alterations, provision of regular updates, trackers plus drafting and advising on building / estate-specific alterations guidance.

  • Regular meetings with the board of directors and property management professionals. Provision of updates, activity reports and advice/recommendations.

  • Ability to regularly discuss and explain live issues and face-to-face Q&A sessions.

  • Support with the lessee and resident communication, attending EGM’s and AGM’s.

  • Supporting property management functions.

  • Offering value for money through overarching and long-term relationships.


Understanding the core operational requirements of a client’s organisation is the first step.  If our retained surveyor services are of interest, please contact Shaun Harris or  Ben Stewart.